The Academy follows the same credit requirements for graduation as Roselle Park High School.

Courses include English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Social Justice, Physical Education, Current Events, and Art. In addition, students have access to a wide range of online courses for additional credit and electives.  

The staff at the Academy is committed to helping students reach their individualized goals for the future while providing a therapeutic environment. To that end, the Academy staff and the Roselle Park School District are committed to following the Core Values for Ethical Education:

  • Value every person as diverse, important, and unique
  • Accept repsonsibility for our choices and actions
  • Be a positive influence on our planet and learn from the world around us
  • Appreciate that children are best supported when family, culture, community, and socieyt are kept in mind
  • Continually strive to put children first
  • Recognize that the teaching and modeling of core ethical values as well as the promotion of good character development is the responsibility of every adult