Bucket Fillers





    This year, Miss Megan's class is working on being "bucket fillers."  This is based on the idea taught in the book series written by Carol McCloud.  The books explain that every person is born with an invisible bucket.  When our buckets are full we feel happy.  In our classroom our friends earn stars for their bucket on the class reward board.  They can earn a star by being a good listener, helping a friend or teacher, sharing toys, taking turns, etc...  When one of our friends earns five stars then his or her bucket is full and it is time to go to the prize box!
    When our friends are being bucket fillers, they help to fill everyone's bucket and create a postive learning environment (and they help to fill Miss Megan's bucket, too!!). 

To learn more about Carol McCloud and the Bucket Filler book series,

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