Remind 101
Last year, I created a "class" through the program Remind that parents enjoyed utilizing.  Remind is a free communication platform built for teachers to communicate with parents. It allows me to safely interact with parents about important information relating to the classroom and school activities.  I can send messages and alerts through text messaging and/or email (depending on what you choose to sign up for) without the sharing of personal information such as cell phone numbers or email addresses.  Messages and email responses cannot be sent back to the designated number set for my "class". 

This program allows both parents, guardians, and/or caregivers to enroll for alerts and reminders
.  I understand the busy work and home schedules that many have and the instances where handouts and notices go unread or forgotten about.  This program gives me the chance to send a message quickly as an extra reminder for events such as 1/2 days, theme days, picture day, etc.  Total messages will range from zero in a week to possibly two per week depending on the events and activities scheduled.  Paper notices will still be the main form of communication.  This is solely for a little 'extra' reminder in the technology-driven world we live in today.